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Consistent and Best Practices for Point of Care Solutions


Your agency lives and breathes to care for its patients. Patient data is its lifeblood. How your agency handles patient data often makes the difference between your success and failure. It determines how completely you understand your patient’s needs, how quickly you respond to adverse events, and even how much you will be paid. That’s why agencies like yours are moving quickly to incorporate point-of-care into their operations.


The premise behind capturing patient data at the point of care is simple. Capture all relevant data, capture it only once, get this data into the central database as soon as possible, and allow everyone access to the data whenever needed. While the premise is simple, how it is accomplished makes a tremendous difference.


A clinician-oriented, point of care system with unique features including:

  • 485, OASIS and care plan automatically generated from the clinician's assessment
  • Intelligent process controls manage automated workflow to maximize clinical efficiency
  • Care plans are structured, outcomes-based, problem-specific and patient-centric
  • Intelligent process controls provide real-time edit checks to eliminate clinical record inconsistencies
  • Ensures all required charting is completed while enabling the clinician to control the order and flow of charting
  • Real-time agency alerts reminding clinicians of best practices and agency standards related to the current screen
  • Clinician dashboard lists upcoming, due, and past due tasks

The clinical solution enables connectivity to other technologies, enabling agencies to utilize secure email, telemedicine, mobile technology, e-faxing, benchmarking, enterprise information management and other essential services from within the clinical system.

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